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3 Slow Cooker Meal Ideas For An Easy Dinner Party

By: Kelly

Are you having a dinner party and want to do something a little bit different? You could hold a themed dinner party instead of the usual ideas. You can have food from different countries and lay it out buffet-style for your guests to help themselves to rather than plating it for them. 

Let’s take a look at three different theme night ideas that you may get some inspiration from. 

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Everyone loves Mexican food so why not host a dinner party with everyone’s Mexican favorites. You can have tacos, make the mince in a slow cooker if you have one then you don’t have to be slaving away at the stove all day and night. Tacos are a great idea as people can just help themselves and make it how they like it. Place the taco shells and all other accompaniments on a platter and watch as they disappear. 

Another Mexican dish you can make that people will enjoy is fajitas. Again, you can make these and place them in a big dish so your guests can help themselves. You can make chicken or steak fajitas, or both if you are feeling adventurous. One way to make fajitas is to let the meat marinate in a homemade or shop-bought fajita marinade before cooking and serving. This way the flavors will be absorbed into the meat the longer you leave it. 


Spaghetti Bolognese

An old classic, the go-to meal when you have mince leftover in the fridge. It is a quick meal that doesn’t take much prep. You may have a completely different way of doing spaghetti bolognese to someone else as everyone seems to put their own spin on it and use their own secret ingredients. You may use Worcester sauce or put an extra bay leaf in it, whichever method you use to cook it your guests will be sure to love every helping they get. 

Like with the tacos you could let the bolognese cook in the slow cooker all day, this will ensure all the flavors have been absorbed and it has a lovely rich taste. Dish it up with tons of spaghetti and let your guests help themselves. You never know, some individuals may like more spaghetti and others more mince, everyone is different. Don’t forget that you can also serve garlic bread with spaghetti bolognese and have a serving of grated cheese or parmesan for your guests to sprinkle on their meal. 



Finally, if it’s a particularly chilly day when your dinner party is happening you could use the old faithful slow cooker again and create a warming hearty casserole. You have a few options here, you can use chicken, beef, or sausages. Chicken is probably the safest option as a large majority of people enjoy chicken. If you are feeling bold and you have the means to do it you could always make a couple of casseroles so your guests can choose which one they would like to eat. 


Any leftovers can always be put in the freezer for you to grab out whenever needed.  


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