Bizarrely Tasty Meal Ideas For Beginner Health Nuts - 20 Dishes

Bizarrely Tasty Meal Ideas For Beginner Health Nuts

By: Kelly

Here’s a little secret they don’t teach you in school: the healthiest food on the planet can also be delicious. 

That’s right. You can whip up a beautiful dinner or snack without having to add any of the usual nasties, allowing you to stick with your diet and achieve your health goals. No deprivation and no calorie counting. The secret is the humble recipe. This invention has been serving humanity for thousands of years. And it’s something that can help you too. You just need to know the right tricks. 

Date And Raw Almond Butter

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Let’s start with something super simple: dates and raw almond butter. Dates are 80 percent sucrose by weight so you would expect them to cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket. After all, sugar is the enemy right? 

Well, it all depends on how you package the food. If you drink pure sugar water then, yes, your blood sugar levels will rise significantly. But if you get your sugar in the form of dates, then it will hardly rise at all. In fact, research shows that people can eat dozens of dates per day – that’s hundreds of calories – without gaining any weight around their waistline. 

What about the almonds? They contain around 600 calories per 100g, which means just a handful could be a quarter of your daily recommended calories. Well, it’s a similar story here. While they are extremely high in fat, they package it up in a healthy way. Almonds may actually help people lose weight. 

To make dates with raw almond butter, just open up a date, remove the pip, and then spoon the raw almond butter into the gap. Deeee-licious. 


Banana Bread

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If you’re looking to replace processed commercial bread with something more natural and gluten-free, then you’ll want to try your hand at banana bread. This wonderful creation is light, fluffy and deeply satisfying. What’s more, it’s also incredibly nutritious, thanks to the addition of bananas themselves. You can find a banana bread recipe available here. But don’t be shy if you want to add extra ingredients, like chopped dried fruit and nuts. 


Bean Burgers

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Eating bean burgers isn’t the same experience as chowing down on a regular beef patty. But it can be a delicious experience in its own right, so long as you know how to make them properly. Again, it’s just a matter of finding a recipe that you love and exploring it. Bean burgers can contain all sorts of other healthy ingredients, such as oats, flax, parsley, onion and peppers. 


Quinoa And Broccoli Burritos

If you haven’t tried quinoa burritos yet, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The combination of quinoa, broccoli, cashew cheese and celery is just pure genius.

To make it, first boil the quinoa – which usually takes around 20 minutes. Then fry some celery and broccoli in a non-stick pan adding the chopped sundried tomatoes halfway through. Then make the cashew cheese which is just cashews, nut milk and a dash of nutritional yeast, salt, and cider vinegar. Then combine all of the ingredients with a large dollop of mustard and serve in a fresh tortilla. Amazing food. 


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