10 Low Carb Freezer Meals You'll Love - 20 Dishes

10 Low Carb Freezer Meals You’ll Love

By: Kelly

You’re going to love this list of low carb freezer meals! You’ll find a variety of keto freezer meals, low carb recipes, and tips on how to make a big batch of meals fast.

If you’re looking for healthy low carb options, you’re going to have so many new ingredients to add to your shopping list! All of these low-carb freezer meals will fit easily into a busy lifestyle without issue.

low carb meal prep with eggs, zucchini noodles and grilled chicken

What does batch cooking mean?

Batch cooking is pretty much how it sounds. It’s where you cook up the meals in batches so that you can get more cooking done and frozen for later.

You’ll hear people batch cooking a lot when making freezer meals or even batch cooking when they’re making dishes for large groups of people.

How do you cook freezer meals?

This all just depends on the recipe. Some of the make ahead meals are going to be cooked in your slow cooker while others might on in the oven or stove. All of these recipes will require a bit of cooking and prepping, but in a simple and easy way.

Tips for Making the Perfect Freezer Meal

Make certain that the keto meals that you’re going to meal prep for your freezer meal options are meals that you’re actually going to eat. What’s the point in make ahead keto friendly meals if none of them sound good to you?

When you’re living a keto lifestyle, it’s important to make sure that whatever meal you’re going to be freezing for later is a meal that you’re going to want to eat.

Best Way to Freeze Food for Later

All of these recipes have one thing in common. They can be frozen to enjoy later on. And for you, that means that you have more food choices that are low carb and easy freezer meals, too.

When you’re adding your freezer meals to the freezer, make certain that you’re protecting the food as best possible from the cold.

Wrapping it in aluminum foil, parchment paper, saran wrap, and then placing it in an airtight container isn’t a bad idea. The more you can keep the air away, the better.

Keto Freezer Meals

All of these low carb freezer meals are simple and easy to make. If you’re on a low carb diet, make certain to add all of these freezer meals to your menu planning the next time you plan on batch cooking.

Whenever you need great meal recipes and a simple way to stock up on food fast, this is where these make ahead recipes really are awesome! (and as my readers, I think you’ll agree) Have fun creating these tasty low carb dishes because they’re a great way to stay true to your keto diet needs.

Keto Steak Marinara Freezer Meal

This low carb freezer meal is great for using up leftover steak and cooking meals fast! Make certain to add this to your keto meal plan as it’s a super keto friendly recipe.

Keto Egg Casserole with Bacon and Broccoli

Bacon can literally make anything taste good. This is one of those meals that literally is the perfect easy low carb freezer recipe. It’s fast, simple, and delicious. One of my favorite low carb breakfast recipes.

Keto Low Carb Curry

Talk about an amazing low carb freezer recipe to have on hand! This one of keto meal that your taste buds are going to love!

Cranberry Orange Meatballs

There’s nothing quite like the flavor of this low carb freezer meal. These meatballs are great to make ahead and add to your freezer for later. Just be certain to store them in a sealed container or freezer bag so they turn get freezer burn.

Instant Pot Spicy Crack Chicken

Check out this tasty Instant pot recipe! I tend to crave this in batches so I love that I can add it to my freezer and not have to worry about any type of food waste.

Low Carb Stuffed Peppers Topped With Cheese

Check out this freezer friendly recipe! It’s easy to add to a freezer bag to be able to enjoy later on. I love how this easy low carb freezer meal is ready fast with minimal meal prep as well.

Keto Pot Roast

When it comes to cooking, it doesn’t get must better than this keto friendly meal. Batch cooking up this pot roast can be a simple way to have many meals on the table fast! I love using low carb recipes to help meal plan for the week.

Keto Italian Meatballs

These keto meatballs are one of those low carb freezer recipes that everyone is going to love. They’re healthy, fast, and delicious. Just how meatballs are supposed to be. (and don’t forget low carb!)

BBQ Chicken Casserole

This low carb chicken recipe has easy ingredients that are perfect for a busy lifestyle. The net carbs are low making it a delicious low carb food. Such a simple and easy freezer friendly recipe.

Grainfree Fish Pie with Cauliflower Mash

You’re going to love the combination of these ingredients! This recipe creates an awesome flavor that freezes really well, too. Make certain to add this to your list of low carb freezer meals.

See how many great food recipes there are? This list is more than enough to get you started on your freezer meals and stocking the freezer with delicious keto recipes.

All of these choices are so different from one another, you’re going to have a blast trying to figure out which freezer meal to make first! Since they’re all keto friendly, you can take your time enjoying them all.

Cooking Tips For Low Carb Freezer Friendly Meals

I think it’s important to label the keto meals so that you know what is in them. This can be writing out the ingredients so that no one is confused or writing on there if an item is gluten free or not, too.

Don’t forget to put down the best way to cook these recipes, too. What good is a low carb meal if you have no idea how to make it?

Write down the cooking time for each recipe and all the ingredients in the recipe as well. The more info that you can write about the freezer meal, the better.

Which of these low carb freezer meals are you going to make first?

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