Quick And Easy Meals For Your Post-workout Recovery - 20 Dishes

Quick And Easy Meals For Your Post-workout Recovery

By: Kelly

After a good two hours’ workout session, it’s now time to have a good dinner and settle in for the night. It’s normal to assume you’ve burned a lot of fat and calories, so an ice cream or pizza slice wouldn’t hurt. A US study has proposed that consumers prefer to exercise rather than eat for health. Yet, your post-workout meals are equally crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. 

Eating the proper meals help with recovery, muscle build, and plan for the next session. If you appreciate the need for some proteins, carbohydrates, and fluids post-workout, here are some meals to eat after your workout.

Steamed vegetables or brown rice with grilled chicken

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This is a quick and easy meal yet packed with proteins and carbohydrates. There are many methods for preparing this – crockpot, stovetop, or oven. You can pair your grilled chicken with brown rice or steamed vegetables. Adding your favorite spices means you’ve got an excellent post-workout recovery meal.

Whole grains

Whole-grain foods are rich in dietary fiber. Adding a slice of lean meat, for example, turkey, cheese, and mashed avocado, or a bit of mayonnaise is an easy and quick way to gain your proper recovery. Whole grains have good fat, protein, and carbohydrate content for your body’s needs. For late gym-goers, almonds, fruits, rice cakes, yogurt, and hummus with carrots are some excellent foods if you need something to snack on.

Tuna or salmon

Omega-3 is known for its ability to help manage damage-causing muscle inflammations. It also enhances the body’s ability to build muscles. However, salmon is excellent for supporting the body’s muscle-building process – particularly when paired with sweet potatoes. Likewise a tuna sandwich with whole-grain bread and a mayonnaise dip does the same job. And those individuals wanting a lean and toned muscular body can follow the Little Phoenix workout and diet plan.


Scrambled eggs

The thought of having scrambled eggs may sound welcoming for egg lovers. Eggs are a great protein source and beneficial for muscle building. According to research, the egg yolk offers many health benefits due to its protein, healthy fats, and rich mineral composition. Blending your eggs with vegetables and a few of your favorite spices isn’t only great for your immediate recovery but has many long-term health benefits.


Plenty of Water

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The need to drink water before and after a workout cannot be overemphasized. Water is life, and drinking lots of it is vital for guaranteeing optimal internal body conditions for maximum output. The body loses water and electrolyte during sweating, so proper replenishment is effective for performance and recovery. Replenishing fluids is particularly vital if your next workout is in 12 hours. However, your workout intensity will determine your water or electrolyte drink recommendation.

Proper protein and carbohydrate consumption is essential for your post-workout. It helps improve recovery, stimulate muscle protein synthesis and improve performance for the next workout. It is also not advisable to go hours after workout with a good meal or snack.

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